This page details the Great Dragons and Immortal Elves of the Shadowrun and Earthdawn games.
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Great Dragons



A western dragon. Female. Mistweaver's coloration can apparently change. She is large for a Great Dragon.

Aban laired within the ancient city of Yrns Morgath in the Mist Swamps, which she claimed as her territory. Aban was among the first hatchlings of Couldtamer, early in the Age of Legend. No sightings since the Earthdawn Era.

Mistweaver was very skilled with elemental magics.


A sirrush. Male. Aden's scales are sand-colored with brass highlights.

Aden is most famed for destroying Teheran in 2020 after a local jihad was declared on the Awakened. In 2057 he refused Dunkelzahn's bequest of the Shroud of Shadows, which he placed in the haunted ruins of Tehran. Following the Rite of Succession, Aden began moving against Saeder-Krupp to limit Lofwyr's influence in the Middle East. Lairs atop Mt. Ararat in Turkey.

The extant of Aden's magical abilities remain unknown.




A western dragon. Male. Alamiase has golden scales that blend to red along his spine, wicked spines at the end of his tail, and a livid unscaled scar upon his chest where Caynreth struck him.

Alamais was hatched during the Age of Dragons. Long ago Lofwyr, his brother, drove Alamais to what would be north-western Barsaive. There, Alamaise (with, it is said, the help of the Passions Jaspree and Astendar) planted the tree Oakheart, formed the Wyrm Wood as his personal domain, and begat an elven daughter known as Caynreth. Unfortunately, a time came when Caynreth turned against him, and used the magic he had taught her to strick him a nearly mortal blow. Alamaise killed his treacherous daughter, but was forced to flee from his home.

Caynreth's descendants formed the Elven Court. When Queen Dallia left the Wyrm Wood to attempt a reconciliation with the elven nation of Shosara, Alamaise appeared and demanded the rightful rulership of the wood and the elves within it. When Dallia refused (she appeared to be ignorant of the truth regarding the founding of the Wood), Alamaise slew her and most of her entourage. It is said that shortly after, Alamaise was cursed by Jaspree and Astendar for this crime. In any even, Alamaise spent most of the Age of Legend lairing outside of the Wood, using his false drakes and mastery of wood magic to attempt and regain his former domain, even after it became the horrible Blood Wood.

During the Sixth Age, Alamaise focuses mainly at chipping at Lofwyr's domination of Europe, part of their long-standing sibling fued, so far he has controlled and supported a number of rebel groups such as der Nachtmachen in the early 2050s (which failed when der Nachtmachen were destroyed again and Alamaise went down under a barrage of laser-fire), manipulating Winternight to plant a nuke in Berlin (2060, defeated in astral combat by Lofwyr and the mage Talon) and stealing the Jewel of Memory in 2063 (it was currently defunct, as Lofwyr had moved its essence to a metaplane, so Alamaise ended up with a useless 3ft crystal).

During the Age of Legend he laired to the North of Iopos and East of Blood Wood. His lair(s) in the Sixth World remain unknown.

He is a master of the element of Wood, and highly skilled in the other elemental magics. He is adept at the creation of drakes, but prefers to create false drakes, as their lesser intelligence and abilities make them less likely to betray him.


A western dragon. Female. All-Wings coloration is unknown, though it is likely her coloration was similar to Icewing and Mountainshadow.

All-Wings is revered as the pinnacle of female dragonhood, and against tradition chose to care for her own eggs. Icewing and Mountainshadow are brothers from the last of All-Wings' clutches. All-wings was active during the Age of Dragons, and destroyed by Namegivers during that Age. Also against tradition, her remains were not reduced to ash by dragonsbreath. Rather, her body was scattered throughout Barsaive, and her Heart ended up beneath the Throalic Mountains. Earthroot planted the heart in a confluence of True Earth, True Water and veins of natural orichalcum, and the White Tree came forth from there. It requires great amounts of True Water to sustain the tree, and it is said that should the tree ever die, then dragonkind would fade from the world.

The Eyes of All-Wings are the physical eyes of the Great Dragon encased in globes of crystal, and are potent magical artifacts. One was in the possession of Icewing, another in the possession of Mountainshadow. Apparently to use an Eye, the dragon weaves a thread to it and concentrates, and the Eye allows them to scry other places at will. Should the user concentrate on the other eye, it begins to vibrate, and then the other dragon weaves a thread to it, and the two dragons can communicate and see one another. In this way did Icewing and Mountainshadow communicate during the Age of Legend.

Mountainshadow and Icewing carved a cenotaph for her on Mount Skaeron, one of the highest peaks in the Dragon Mountains of Barsaive.

It is claimed by some that she tore a scale from her back and a tooth from her mouth and Named them, creating powerful magical items from them.


A feathered serpent. Female. Coloration unknown.

Arleesh apparently woke up rather late in the Sixth World, 2040 or so, and her appearences have been limited to the tracking down and destruction of certain dangerous magical items. Dunkelzahn offered aid for her work in his Will, when and if she needed it. Arleesh has been described as young by the standard of Great Dragons.

Arleesh has proved capable of sensing the Idol even while it was hidden and some distance away, as well as other malign artifacts. Arleesh has also proved able to defuse or disenchant such malignant magical items.


Stone Diver

Western Dragon. Male. He is dark silver in color with brassy highlights.

Celedyr's ability to travel through stone, along with certain comments, point to a connection with Earthroot.

Known as Draig gan y Carreg, or "Dragon of the Stones" in Welsh. Celedyr possesses a long association with the Transys Neuronet corporation, particularly the facility they have built around his lair beneath the Roman ampitheater in Caerleon, and after recent corporate manipulations Celedyr exerts considerable influence on the corporation, and is challenging Lofwy'rs company Saeder-Krupp in certain aspects of the Matrix.

Celedyr is engaged in a friendly rivalry with his neighbor Rhonabwy. Celedyr possesses an agreement with Snowdonia, whereby he receives the crystal discarded from their orichalcum mining operations, in exchange for his expertise. He also leads the London street gang known as the Knights of Rage, emphasizing their connection between the ancient Nubians and the Celts.

Celedyr possesses the rare magical art of physically travelling through the earth(an ability passed on to any drakes he creates). Celedyr is very knowledgable about the earth and has an affinity for earth magics. One of his main interests is ancient languages, communication and the Matrix.


A western dragon. Male. Massive and physically powerful dragon. Nothing is known of Cloudtamer's coloration.

Cloudtamer, sire of Aban, was willing to fight at the drop of a scale, and was very harsh, especially when training his hatchlings. Hatched during the Age of Dragons, Cloudtamer was the first targeted by the Theran behemoths, and both he and his lair were destroyed.

The extant of Cloudtamer's magical abilities remain unknown.


The Outcast

A western dragon. Male. Nothing regarding his coloration is known.

Denairastas was declared outcast from dragon society when he refused to stop creating dragonkin. He is the pater familis of the Denairastas Clan of Iopos. Denaiarastas was hatched during the Age of Dragons. No sightings since the Earthdawn Era.

The extant of Denairastas magical abilities are unknown, however he has access to the magical resources of the entire Denairastas Clan.



Far Scholar

A western dragon. Male. Silver and blue scale coloring with black eyes.

Brother of Ghostwalker, of the clutch of All-Wings. During the Age of Legend, Mountainshadow had lairs in the Dragon Mountains and the Badlands. During the Earthdawn era, Mountainshadow had a "servant" known as Dark Tooth, which was actually an alias for himself. Dunkelzahn means "Dark Tooth" in German. During the Age of Legend, Mountainshadow was a leading force amongst the Dragons of Barsaive, presumably eventually claiming the title of Loremaster. He was a leading proponent of the Second Theran War and examining the possibilities of breeding drakes. Dunkelzahn's age was part of his tremendous status among dragonkind: he was first hatched and raised to Great Dragon during the Age of Dragons.

Dunkelzahn was a very media-oriented dragon in the Sixth World, again focusing his attention on metahumity. Dunkelzahn was very conscious of corporate power, and helped with the Nanosecond Buyout to gain a hold in Ares Macrotechnology. He was also on the board of Aztechnology. Dunkelzahn became the host of Wyrm Talk. In 2056 he was formally made a citzen of the UCAS, and in 2057 ran for and succeeded in being elected as President of the UCAS. The night of his inauguration; DUnkelzahn and his limo were destroyed in a massive blast that apparently killed the Great Dragon, and an Astral Rift was created above the site of the destruction. This seeming assassination actually fueled the creation of a powerful focus known as the Dragon Heart.

Dunkelzahn's spirit eventually used that artifact to prevent the metaplanar invasion of the Horrors so early in this cycle. Dunkelzahn's spirit yet remains,bound to a cyberzombie and guarding the metaplanes from early intrusion by the Horrors. Dunkelzahn possessed three lairs, one in the Caucasus Mountains, another in Tir Tairngire, and yet a third outside of Denver.

Dunkelzahn was famed for his magical powers, especially Dragonspeech, which allowed him to sift through the memories of Namegivers and study patterns in great detail. Likewise, he was a most powerful spellcaster and created several drakes. The true extant of Dunkelzahn's magical prowess is unknown, but he was able to enchant the Dragon Heart early in the mana cycle of the Sixth World by sacrificing himself, and was considered perhaps the most highly skilled and knowledgeable of magicians among his great dragon peers. Dunkelzahn was a regular patron of the cartomancers of the Seers' Guild, which suggests he did not possess the Divining metamagic, not uncommon for a dragon.

Dvilgaynon (Tva-il-guya-noon)
Burning Orchid

An eastern dragon. Female. Shimmering blue scales with gold highlights.

Dvilgaynon advised and aided Kathris Gron while in Cathay, and continued to do so when she accompanied the ork back to Barsaive (at the request of the Dragons of Barsaive, who wished her help in the ritual designed to seal off Vivane). Dvilgaynon was aware of the threat of Stormhead, but her protests were not heeded and she could but watch as the Horror Cloud enveloped the doomed city of Vivane.

Dvilgaynon possesses the Spire of Knowing, a magical artifact that can gather data for her to analyze. Dvilgaynon continues to be advisor to Kathris Gron in the new nation of Cara Fahd, as well as he Parabola of Arithonicus, a "city scale" magical weapon. Last seen in the Age of Legend.

Dvilgaynon lairs within a castle atop Mount Karadai in Cathay, attended by slaves. She has no true lair in Barsaive, but has established a base of operations in Cara Fahd.

Dvilgaynon came to Barsaive as the greatest living expert in Draconic Ritual Magic (an art banned since the Age of Dragons) to help research and cast the ritual that sealed off Vivane.


Root Protector

An eastern dragon. Male. Exceptionally large, Root Protector's scales glisten whether wet or dry, and are shaded all the colors of mother-of-pearl, darkening to a deep seaweed green on his underbelly. His eyes are a luminous black.

Earthroot was hatched during the Age of Dragons, though Earthroot is a generation younger than Icewing and Mountainshadow.

Earthroot left Cathay after defeat at the claws of a dragon known as White Lotus some three centuries after the death of All-Wings during the Age of Legend, he then went to live in the subterranean lakes beneath the Throal Mountains, and became the protector of the White Tree and King of the Pale Ones, a group of t'skrang that ply the subterranean waters of the Serpent River in Barsaive.

Earthroot and Icewing were partners, both interested in the protection of Throal, but apparently had a falling out. It is believed that the dragon Celedyr was Earthroot's apprentice.

Earthroot can physically travel through the earth by a rare magical art, and is in other ways skilled with all the elemental arts, especially the element of earth. While great, his magical abilities are said to have been less than that of Mountainshadow.


A feathered serpent. Female. Coloration unknown.

Rumor places a female Great feathered Serpent guarding a cave full of dragon eggs in Madagascar. Fanany, if she exists, is named after a local snake goddess of Malagasy legend.

The extant of Fanany's magical abilities remain unknown.


A western dragon. Gender unknown (possibly female). Feuerschwinge has (or had) orange scales.

Feuerschwinge means "Fire Wings" in German. Appeared in the Harz mountains of Thuringia, German Alliance, disappeared by 2014; rumors place Feuerschwinge in Iceland (around 2015) or the SOX. The German Alliance has officially declared Feuerschwinge dead, as it appears to have been near Cattenom when the meltdown occurred, was then attacked and apparently downed by two rockets from a German combat copter; though no body could then be found.

No confirmed sightings have occurred after this event, but some evidence exists that Feuerschwinge is alive.

The extant of Feuerschwinge's magical abiltiies remains unknown; her encounter with radiation may have left her with Toxic powers or inclinations.



Doll Maker

A western dragon. Male. Similiar in appearence to Dunkelzahn, Ghostwalker possesses blue and white scales.

In the Sixth World, Ghostwalker has declared his domain to be Denver, which he took over after coming back through Dunkelzahn's Rift during the Year of the Comet. Brother of Dunkelzahn, of the clutch of All-Wings. During the Age of Legend Icewing laired atop Mount Vapor, Barsaive, during the Age of Legend. Like Dunkelzahn, his great age and heritage accord him significant status. Ghostwalker possesses an affinity for lairing on icy peaks. Unlike other dragons, Icewing and the dragon Yuichotol mated more than once, and appeared to be partners in many things, including the development of spirit magics. It is said that Icewing trapped Yuichotol's spirit when she was killed by the Therans, and that she had been prepared to do the same for him.

Among Icewing's treasures are an Eye of All-Wings and the Glitterfrost Orchid, either of which may well be lost to him in the Sixth World. Icewing is traditionally a "Guardian" of the Young Races, and accepts regular meetings with those who pay him a token tribute, a practice he continues into the Sixth World.

In 2061, Ghostwalker's astral form emerged from the Rift left by the death of his brother Dunkelzahn. Reclaiming his physical form, he set about an immediate takeover of the treaty city of Denver, also known as the Front Range Free Zone. He contested with his fellow great dragons in the Rite of Succession.

Ghostwalker pioneered the creation of drakes (hence the Name "Doll Maker"), and he is considered a master of spirit magics, he has also developed the unusual elemental magic of generating ice storms by beating his wings (hence the Name "Ice Wings").


A western dragon. Female. Her scales vary from deep bronze to copper.

After her awakening, Hestaby claimed control of Shasta Mountain and surrounding territories in the California Free State. She has expressed a very open and friendly attitude toward metahumanity, especially after Dunkelzahn's demise. Hestaby opposed the forces of Tir Tairngire in their attempts to absorb northern California, where she lairs.

Recently, Hestaby has, with Dunkelzahn's posthumous advice, succeeded in winning the Rite of Succession. Following this, she has taken a more active role in various affairs, accepting a seat on the Tir Tairngire Council of Princes left vacant by Lofwyr and increasing her media presence.

Hestaby maintains several groups of minions, including the Shamans of Shasta and a group of otaku.

The extant of Hestaby's magical powers are unknown. She has been working, in collusion with the Shamans of Shasta, to develop a metamagical technique that will "brace" an area against developing a background count, and was capable of sending a group of metahumans on an astral quest to retrieve the magical essence of the Jewel of Memory. Hestaby has access to the magical resources of the Shamans of Shasta, as well as the potent telesma and materials around Shasta Mountain.


A feathered serpent. Male. Coloration unknown.

Hualpa awoke in his lair in the Yucatan, in what would become Aztlan. In the 2030's Hualpa was one of the three great dragons that led Awakened forces in establishing Amazonia, and was named Spokesbeing of Amazonia. Hualpa is currently engaged in a conlict with a shadowy feathered serpent, quite possibly the one behind Aztlan. It is considered likely that this conflict is in part over the use (and abuse) of blood magic.

Hualpa can be considered very proficient in the use of blood magic, though sacrificing would be anethema. In addition to whatever personal powers Hualpa possesses and the vast supply of telesma and natural materials in Amazonia; Hualpa has access to a Locus.


A western dragon. Male. Coloration unknown.

Kaltenstein means "Cold Stone" in German. Driven off by Lofwyr and Nebelherr in 2012 in Germany when he tried to enter the SOX to stop/help Feuershwinge. Kaltenstein continues to be interested in toxic and irradiated areas.

Recently, Kaltenstein has been revealed to have tutored one or more children in magic, perhaps as part of a ploy to take control of the Doctor Faustus Society. Kaltenstein formerly possessed a lair in the Black Forest, Allied German States.

The extant of Kaltenstein's magical abilities remain unknown.


Gold Master

A Western Dragon. Male. Lofwyr's scales are gold, copper and burnished brass, with undertones of terra cotta and dun. Lofwyr's eyes are opal-colored.

Called "Goldensnout" due to coloring, Lofwyr was hatched during the Age of Dragons, and he is brother to Alamaise; the two are rivals, though Lofwyr has had the upper hand in his dealings with Alamaise at least since he drove Alamaise south, where Alamaise created the Wyrm Wood.

Lofwyr bought Saeder-Krupp with a chunk of gold from his hoard, and his leadership has transformed it into the largest megacorp in the world. He had a working relationship with Lugh Surehand, but is actively disliked by Mujaji, Aithne Oakforest and Ehran the Scribe. The recent events of the Rite of Succession have given him a measure of respect for Hestaby. Following the failed Rite, which nevertheless confirmed Lofwyr as Loremaster after the death of Dunkelzahn, Lofwyr has given up his position on the Council of Princes in Tir Tairngire.

Lofwyr has worked with Nebelherr in the past, and helped Nebelherr prevent Kaltenstein from entering the SOX when Feuerschwinge was attacked, for which Nebelherr is indebted to him. Rumored member of Bavarian Illuminati. Lairs either in Tir Tairngire and/or SK HQ in the Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex.

The extant of Lofwyr's magical abilities remains unknown, however he has access to the magical resources of the world's largest megacorporation and the Jewel of Memory. Unusual for a dragon, Lofwyr appears to be able to use the Possessing metamagic, or a variant thereof. Some speculations point to Lofwyr possessing the unusual metamagic technique of Divining, but his trips to the Seers Guild would seem to disprove this.


Type unknown. Male. Coloration unknown.

Known as The Lawgiver. One of the first Great Dragons, and the one who created the Rites and Rituals by which dragons were able to interact. His actions led directly to the Age of Dragons.

The extant of Logolas' magical abilities remains unknown.



An Eastern Dragon. Male. Lung's scales are scarlet with gold highlights.

During the Earthdawn Era, there was a Great Cathay Dragon Named Luung; there is insufficient information to truly tell if Luung is Lung, but it deserves mentioning.

Lung means "Dragon" in Chinese. Lung may have helped destroy the Chinese government shortly after he awakened in the Sixth World, as he was spotted in China and hates Communism. Supposedly, Lung runs the Red Dragon Tong and other Triads, and was been active in several Tong wars after the fall of the Chinese government. Lung has a long-standing fued with the Great Dragon Ryumyo, who was once Lung's pupil in a previous age. Lung taught Ryumyo the art of geomancy, but kept certain secrets from him, which is why Ryumyo broke from Lung. The battle between the two is currently focused on the balance and control of certain power sites throughout China and the Ring of Fire.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Second Coin of Luck to Lung, who appears to desire two more of the Coins. Currently lairs atop T'ai Shan, one of the five sacred mountains of China and a mighty power site.

Lung is a particularly skilled magician, especially with the metamagic technique of geomancy (which also infers that Lung knows Sensing and Divining metamagics). He is more proficient than Ryumyo, whom he tutored for a time. Lung is associated with yin, which would give him an advantage on yin-aspected power sites and a disadvantage on yang-aspected power sites.


An eastern dragon. Male. Masaru has black scales shading to blue on his underbelly, white horns, and gold eyes.

Known as "Mameleu" by the Filipino (Masaru is the japanese equivalent of the name). Masaru is also known as Taliakuod and "son of Kalaon." Masaru is very young for a great dragon, having only come into his status during the Sixth World. Masaru Awakened from beneath Mt. Mayon in Batayan during a lunar eclipse in 2014 (in fitting with local mythology as the snakelike dragon who eats the moon and shakes the earth). He manages World Wildlife Funds money and ourchased a large estate in Vancouver in 2042.

As a great dragon, Masaru was entrusted with an egg, which was stolen from him in his Vancouver lair and has since been recovered. A self-proclaimed Filipino, Masaru aided the Huk against the Japanese. His efforts against the Yakuza have not endeared him to Ryumyo. Masaru was not a serious contender during the Rite of Succession, but managed to secure the Utsuro Sapphire from Ryumyo. He is currently considering apprenticing himself to Ryumyo's old enemy Lung.

Masaru lairs on Visayan Island in Panay, the Phillipines, which he has recently helped secure from Japanese rule.

Currently, Masaru's magical abilities are much less than other great dragons, given his relative youth, inexperience, and lack of resources. However, should he become apprenticed to Lung, this will almost certainly change quickly, and Masaru may becoem able to manipulate the Ring of Fire power sites within the Phillipines.

Mole Skin

Type unknown. Gender unknown. Described as "grublike," which with the Name Mole Skin implies a pale coloration from living underground for extended periods.

This Great Dragon is said to reside in Talea during the Age of Legend, and is rumored to be the driving force between the Temple of Prima (hence the presence of Drakes in the Church's hierarchy.) All Pompates supposedly undertake a hazardous journey to meet with the dragon when they take office. Mole Skin dwells in caverns beneath the earth.

The extant of Moleskin's magical abilities remain unknown, although rumor suggest Moleskin possesses the Divining metamagic.


A feathered serpent. Female. Coloration unknown.

The "Rain Queen" lairs atop Table Mountain in Azania, a power site. She is attended to by the Xhosa shamans, and is at odds with the neighboring Zulu (possibly because of the presence of the Heavenherd's College). Mujaji protects a pride of lion shapeshifters, and is at odds with Lofwyr for his threatening of them during the Rite of Succession. Some Immortal Elves apparently also have Mujaji as an enemy.

The extant of Mujaji's magical abilities remain unknown.


A Western dragon. Male. Scale coloring and magical ability unknown.

Nachtmeister means "Night Master" in German. This great dragon opposed Lofwyr for many years in the European finacial arena, allying himself to Lofwyr's other human enemies while maintaining control of such resources as the Frankfurter Bankverein (Frankfurt Bank Association). On 21 June 2062, Lofwyr and Nachtmeister engaged each other in battle over Frankfurt, which resulted in the death of Nachtmeister (S-K cordoned off the area where the corpse fell.)

The extant of Nachtmeister's magical abilities remain unknown.


A western dragon. Male. Coloration unknown

Sire of Asante. Redwing was master of the Caucavic Mountains and fell to the Horror that devoured the dwarven kingdom of Scytha shortly before the Scourge.

The extant of Redwing's magical abilities remain unknown.


A western dragon. Male. Small crimson scales and green eyes.

Known as Ddraig Goch, or "Red Dragon" in Welsh. during the previous Age, this love of music is what motivated him to disguise himself as a Leviathan, so that he could mate with the Sea Dragon. Unfortunately, she discovered his treachery and hates him for it. The tiff was made worse when he stole the eggs produced by their union, and has secreted them with another Great Dragon. Arthurian legends of the two dragons fighting could have been a misinterpretation of the mating, or a factual recollection of their feud.

Rhonabwy went beserk when he emerged from hibernation in the Sixth World, and destroyed a Welsh town. He later calmed down and invested a large chunk of gold in a number of corporate interests. Rhonabwy actively operates to limit the power of elf-controlled nations that become too powerful, such as the Zulus of Azania, and both Tirs. He has done this on a smaller scale with powerful corporations, such as Aztechnology and the Carribean League. He may be covertly aiding Snowdonia's elven sepertist movement. Lairs in Llandovery, the Cambrian Mountains, South Wales.

As of 2055, Rhonabwhy had a magic rating of 25 and knew all spells at a minimum Force of 5, with especial attention to Combat, Detect and Manipulation spells, which he knew at a minimum force of 16 (his Sorcery and Conjuring skills were each 25). The dragon is known to have been able to disguise himself as a Leviathan. Rhonabwy's most important magic item is a power focus in the shape of a gold scallop shell that he carries with him at all times. Rhonabwy is also extremely appreciative of music, especially Welsh male choirs and the singing of the Sea Dragon. He himself is possessed of great skill and a beautiful voice.


An eastern dragon. Male. Ryumyo has silver scales, with a ridge of red back scales.

Ryumyo has a fiery temper, as well as a long-standing feud going with Lung. Lung once raised and apprenticed Ryumyo, but their dispositions were so opposite that the two seperated before Lung taught Ryumyo his deepest secrets. Now, Ryumyo seeks domination of the Ring of Fire.

Ryumyo was the first dragon sighted in the Sixth World, emerging from Mount Fuji in Japan December 24, 2011. Ryumyo was sighted twice more in Ise and Kyoto, then disappeared. The Watada-Rengo, largest of the Yakuza clans, is controlled by Ryumyo, and through them he has a measure of control over Mitsuhama. He maintains lairs in Mt. Fuji and Mt. Mihara (on the isle of O-Shima)

Ryumyo possesses impressive magical abilities, including a command of geomancy that is likely second only to Lung's own. It is believed that Ryumyo is attempting to harvest mana from the Ring of Fire power sites in order to transform into something greater than a great dragon. Unlike most dragons, Ryumyo has summoned and augmented a powerful Ally spirit to aid him. Ryumyo has access to many of the eastern dragon-aspected power sites of the Rim of Fire, as well as the magical resources of the Watada-rengo and the Mitsuhama corporation. Ryumyo is associated with yang, which gives him an advantage on yang-aspected power sites and a disadvantage on yin-aspected power sites.


A western dragon. Male. Coloration unknown.

Schwarzkopf means "Black Head" in German. Schwarzkopf is a lecturer at Charles University in Prague, and Protector of the Marienbad Council. In 2061 he backed the Marienburg Council's move to the Czech Republic. The dragon is also a proponent of the Unified Magic Theory. He is very interested in magic books, folios, relics and artifacts, making use of the decker Veda and a group of former students known as "The Travellers" to collect them.

In 2063, a drake (either one created by Schwarzkopf or under his protection) was admitted to Charles University, only to be assassinated. This appears to be part of a plot to re-engage Schwarzkopf with draconic affairs. In resuming his social contacts, he has made social overtures to both LUng and Ghostwalker. Schwarzkopf and Masaru have a slight rivalry. Lairs beneath the Clementium in Prague. The lair is protected by golems and contains a menagerie of paranormal animals for purposes of study.

The extant of Schwarzkopf's magical abilities remain unknown, but he is likely the greatest scholar concerning the Unified Magic Theory living, and almost certainly possess the secret to constructing the powerful golems that protect his lair.

The Sea Dragon

A Leviathan. Female. The Sea Dragon has silver-green scales and black eyes.

Perhaps the last Leviathan in the Sixth world, this Great Leviathan is known only as the Sea Dragon. In the previous Age, Rhonabwy tricked the Sea Dragon into a mating; for which she hates him. Furthermore, Rhonabwy stole the eggs from the union and entrusted them to another great dragon, hoping that at least one of the hatchlings will have its mother's voice. Arthurian legends of the two dragons fighting could have been a misinterpretation of the mating, or a factual recollection of their feud.

Recently, the Sea Dragon has become more active, battling pollution of the seas as well as acquiring land-based agents to hunt her lost eggs. Lairs in an underwater cave in Cardigan Bay, Wales.

The extant of the Sea Dragon's magical powers remain unknown. She may be the patron of a group of Welsh druids who follow the Wyrm totem.



Vast Green

A western dragon. Male. Sirrug has green scales, blue eyes, and is particularly large.

Also known as "The Destroyer." Usun was hatched during the Age of Dragons, and lives by a very Darwinian creed. During the Age of Legend he was a solitary and violent master of the wild Liaj Jungle, permitting few other Namegivers to share it. He did, however, cooperate with his fellow Great Dragons during the Second Theran War.

Sirrurg's time in the Sixth world is marked by conflict; the dragon is known to have destroyed EuroAir flight 329 in 2041; suspected to have attacked several corps and governments in Europe; and was the third great dragon to form Amazonia. Currently, Sirrurg is purportedly tracking down a group that may have hunted hibernating dragons during the down cycle. During the Age of Legend, Usun laired in the Liaj Jungle. During the Sixth World, Sirrurg lairs within the Amazonian Jungle.

Sirrurg is said to have great skill in elemental magics.


A western dragon. Female. Coloration unknown.

The former Loremaster of Barsaive's dragons was very friendly with the various Namegiver races, going so far as to allow conversations with them within Thermail's own lair. However, Thermail was betrayed by a member of the Denairastas clan, who stole seven of her eggs and used them to create the abomination which was the Hydra about a century before the Scourge.

Thermail went on a rampage before committing suicide by impaling herself on the tip of the mountain she lived on, hence the name Mount Wyrmspire. Thermail was a very young great dragon when she died, hatched late in the Age of Dragons, and the eggs she had cared for where those she herself had lain.

The extant of Thermail's magical abilities remain unknown.



A western dragon. Male. Slightly built for a dragon, Vasdenjas possessed dun-colored scales, the wings tending toward yellow and the belly almost eggshell.

The title "Master of Secrets" was a tribute to Vasdenjas' mastery of pattern magic. Also known as Master of Secrets, the Terrible, Eater of Cities (actually, he only ever ate one city). Hatched during the Age of Dragons and raised by Yuichotol. Vasdenjas was one of a twin-shelled egg, and his brother, with whom he used to lair, was Vestrivan. The two competed together for the attentions of the Great Dragon Thermail, a contest which Vasdenjas won. Vasdenjas and Vestrivan later parted when Vestrivan became possessed by a Horror. Vestrivan's possession weighed heavily on Vasdenjas. A scholarly dragon, Vasdenjas became Loremaster of Barsaive after the death of Thermail. Shortly before the Scourge, Vasdenjas was forced into conflict in Scytha, where he earned his title "Eater of Cities."

Following the Scourge, Vasdenjas aided the Library of Thoal in several works, notably "Creatures of Barsaive." Vasdenjas participated in the ritual that destroyed Vivane, and watched helplessly as Vestrivan flew into the Horror Cloud. Vasdenjas sacrificed himself to protect the aging skyship Earthdawn during the Second Battle of Sky Point. Vasdenjas laired on Mount Wyrmspire in honor of Thermail.

Vasdenjas' mastery of pattern magic was acknowledged by the other Great Dragons of the age.


A western dragon. Male. Coloration unknown but assumed to be similar to Vasdenjas'.

Twin brother of Vasdenjas, hatched during the Age of Dragons by Yuichotol. Vestrivan and Vasdenjas laired together, and eventually competed for the affections of the Great Dragon Thermail, a contest that Vestrivan lost. Vestrivan sought after magical knowledge, eventually going so far as to invite a Horror into his own mind, Tainting himself, and fled from the lair he shared with Vasdenjas. Despite this, Vestrivan died valiantly flying into the Horror-Storm approaching Vivane near the end of the Second Theran War.

Vestrivan was famed for his magical knowledge before he began his studies of Horror magic; it is unknown how greatly his powers were increased after his possession, but he proved able to temporairily halt the Horror Cloud for a time.


A Leviathan. Female. Coloration unknown.

Known to invite namegivers to her lair, an air-filled underwater cavern, for festivals. Wavedancer laired near the city of Uropa on the Aras Sea during the Age of Legend.

Wavedancer is said to have been a skilled illusionist.


Ghost Scales(?)

A western dragon. Female. Coloring unknown.

Yuichotol sired both Vasdenjas and Vestrivan during the Age of Dragons. Icewing and Yuichotol mated more than once, and were both interested in spirit magic, particularly the creation of drakes. Her part in the creation of drakes is evident by the fact that Yuichotal created of the Book of Blue Spirits. She was the second of three great Dragons attacked by the Therans before the Scourge, and cost them the first of their great behemoths before she fell.

It is rumored that against draconic tradition, Yuichotol's spirit remains on this plane, tied to a soul stone enchanted by her and Icewing and known as "Ghost Scales."

Like Icewing, Yuichotol was skilled in spirit magics, and played a role in the creation of the Dance of Blue Spirits.

Immortal Elves


Female. Black skin (she is described as negroid, but whether this extends to facial features and the like is unknown) and white hair, the latter usually worn long but cropped very short in the Sixth World.

Born in the Age of Legend, sometime before or during the Scourge. For a long time, Aina consorted with the Horror Ysrthgrathe, even bearing his child, Thais. Eventually, Aina made great sacrifices and banished Ysrthgrathe. Shortly before the Awakening, Aina purchased a Scottish earldom.

In 2056, Aina was forced to end her sedentary habits and travel with Harlequin in order to counter the threat of Ysrthgrathe, who had reappered. In the end, Aina was forced to draw upon blood magic to banish the Horror, creating a mana spike at Crater Lake that let through yet more of his loathsome kind.

Following Dunkelzahn's death and the reading of his Will in 2057, Aina (after an initial bit of fuss where she, Harlequin, and others had to head-off the Enemy after the Aztlaners had built a bridge to their Netherworld) accepted a position on the board of the Draco Foundation. She continues in that position to that day. Dunkelzahn bequeathed this position to her in part because of their friendly relations to one another. Having led a painful and often lonely life, Aina tends to be sedentary and sometimes looks for escape, though she presents a very strong front. She was once very fond of absinthe, until Harlequin engendered a dislike in her for "mon petit ami," as she called it.

Also known as "Aina Dupree" and "Aina Sluage" Aina does not get along well with her fellow Immortal Elves, in part because of some conflict between the elves and the Great Dragons, in which Aina sided with the wyrms. She was once in love with Aithne Oakforest, but he hates her for the death of his son (and blames her too for injuries given to his son Glasgian). Glasgian Oakforest propositioned Aina in an attempt to snipe at his father, and had an unfortunate run-in with Ysrthgrathe as a result. Alachia and Aina have long disliked and interfered with each other; at least through the downcycle and from before during the Age of Legend as well.

Harlequin and Aina were lovers for centuries, and remain good friends and allies. Ehran the Scribe is at least neutral in his regards to her, if not cordial. Lugh Surehand has propositioned Aina, but must keep in mind the political consequences Aina brings with her. Lady Brane Deigh is likewise politic in her dealings with Aina, but is biased by what Alachia has told her. In any event, Aina has good relationships with some of the young elven nobles of Britain; but is still on rather bad terms with both Tirs. Thais and Aina do not get along very well, though Aina still cares for him.

Aina is a powerful nethermancer with vast expertise in blood magic and horror lore, as well as experience and acquaintence with the faerie. She has proved able to summon and banish major Horrors, and with the assistance of Harlequin raised the Wild Hunt. Aina has a particular affinity for her child Thais, and can always summon him.

Aithne Oakforest

Male. Aithne Oakforest is below average height for an elf; his coloring includes white skin, black hair, and blue eyes. A square chin and rocky (some say "chiseled") features complete his portrait.

Hailing originally from the Sereathea in the Western Kingdoms during the Age of Legend, Aithne became a Blood Warder in the Blood Wood under the reign of Alachia. Oakforest was a member of the Escalanas ranelle, a family famed for the magical prowess of its members and noble lineage; the Escalanas ranelle hails from farther west than Sereatha, though it was established in the City of Spires as well.

During the Age of Legend, Oakforest enjoyed the politics of the Elven Court, and considered well-versed in diplomacy. It was during the Age of Legend that Aina fell in love with Aithne, and when Aithne blamed her for the death of his son (Aithne's wife and other children died from the Ritual of Thorns). Aithne still carries some mental scars from his time as a blood elf, and bears a special vehemence for roses.

In the Sixth World, Aithne is much more tightly wound and inflexible than before, barely in control of his temper at times. In 2029, Aithne Oakforest married Mealla del Marco (she later changed her name to Mealla Oakforest), the representative of the Cenesté to the Sovereign Tribal Council. Aithne and Mealla both worked to make Tir Tairngire a reality, which was realized when the nation announced itself in 2035. Aithne was granted the rank of Prince, and became a leading member of the Council of Princes. The couple have three children: Glasgian (born in 2030), Tealla (born in 2033), and Elleara (born in 2038).

While out in the countryside for a week during 2051, Mealla used her magical skills to grow a spectacular garden in one of the Oakforest residences, as a surprise for her husband. When Aithne returned he was indeed pleased with the garden, until he became aware that much of the rear of the garden was bordered in red and white rose bushes. Aithne entered a rage at the sight of the thorns (who can blame him, really, since he once suffered as a Blood Elf?) and destroyed them with his own magic. Unable to tell Mealla why he destroyed her garden, Aithne and Mealla seperated, and remain so at this date.

A great deal of Aithne's grief in the Sixth World has come from his son Glasgian, whose consistent ability to antagonize people far more powerful than himself (Lofwyr in approx. 2051; Aina, Harlequin and Ysrthgrathe in approx. 2056) has not only resulted in Glasgian's physical discomfort but a great deal of difficulty for his father as well. In particular, Aithne's impassioned arguement against helping Aina against the Horror Ysrthgrathe was more-or-less directly the result of Glasgian's own actions, and subsequent mistreatment by the Horror Ysrthgrathe. In 2057, Aithne inherited the Rose Crystal from Dunkelzahn's Will.

In 2062, Aithne Oakforest and Lofwyr both retired from the Council of Princes; rumors places these in connection to the fact that Glasgian Oakforest is currently missing. Aithne remained within his mansion atop Royal Hill for some time before heading off to Europe, where he became close to Gaëlle de Rohan.

The Oakforests have some financial investment in, if not ownership of, Andalusian Light Industries. Aithne is outspoken in his dislike for Europe, claiming too many bad memories.

Aithne was a member of the Dae'mistishsa, and has extensively studied and practiced the disciplines of wizardry, nethermancy and elementalism; though he is not in favor of abstract research, preferring more worldly concerns.


Female. Alachia has been described, during the Age of Legend she is described as being extremely beautiful, with long red hair and extremely pale white skin. She supposedly bears a remarkable resemblance to Queen Failla (some have drawn the conclusion that the two are one and the same). Alachia has the long view of life, an incredible charisma sometimes enhanced by magic, such as during the Age of Legend when a permanent unique Named spell known as Alachia's Allure enhanced her presence to superhuman levels.

Queen Fallia of the Western Kingdoms was Queen of Sereatha, and her reign was marked with both arrogance and strong leadership; notably the Seperation of Shosara and the banishment of Elianar Messias and his followers. Her reign ended with her sudden dissapearence, and the just as sudden appearence of Queen Liara.

Hailing from Sereatha, the City of Spires, in the Western Kingdoms, Alachia officially arrived in the Wyrm Wood before the Scourge during the reign of Queen Liara, and suddenly replaced her in extremely vague circumstances. Alachia refused the Theran Rites of Passage and Protection, which led to the Schism, where the Elven nations of the world renounced their allegiance to the Elven Cout. Likewise, her decision led to the disastrous wooden kaer, and the tragedy that became the Ritual of Thorns, which she herself submitted to. At the latest writing, Queen Alachia has no plans to end the Ritual of Thorns within the Blood Wood, as it is an assurance of her continued power and supremacy there.

During the Downcycle, when Alachia's beauty was more human, it is said she used small and painstaking use of magic to acquire political power; she has been connected to both the Nazis and Queen Elizabeth. In the Sixth world, Alachia is said to have strong connections to both Tír na nÓg and Tir Tairngire, although in a much more behind-the-scenes role. Alachia is instructing Lady Brane Deigh of the Seelie Court.

Alachia is a master diplomat and Machiavellian; who has no true friends or loves and would permit none, because they would be weaknesses. She is vain and tempermental, believeing that others should flatter her without thought of reward; but empty flatteries sometimes drive her into a murderous rage. Alachia has long been obsessed with gaining power for herself, and though she might regret her actions (such as the Ritual of Thorns) she would never admit such a weakness nor seek to correct it so long as her power remained absolute.

Some think Alachia may actually be Sósan Naerain, a secretive member of the Tir Tairngire Council of Princes. She is described as being very beautiful, being slightly below standard height with golden-red hair, pale skin, blue-green eyes, and a husky voice.

An accomplished magician, Alachia is not only a troubadour adept but skilled in illusion and elemental magics as well. Furthermore, Alachia has access to certain long-lost magical arts, including ancient ritual magic and the primal magic of Naming; Alachia's magical talent is an inherent and integral part of her, akin to dragon magic.

Lady Brane Deigh

Female. Lady Brane Deigh has been described as beautiful, with amber skin, incredibly fine fair hair, and eyes which seem to shift from an almost trasnparent blue to a nearly luminous green.

Brane Deigh was, according to offical records, born in 2011 to a Connaught family of little note; and married Liam O'Connor, the founder of Tír na nÓg in 2041. Liam spent two years securing his wife's political power before his dissapearence in 2043, supposedly to walk his final path. Lady Brane Deigh declared herself Rian ("Queen") of the Seelie Court, an independant non-legislative body in Tír na nÓg whose prime focus appears to be magical, elven and spiritual affairs. This declaration was not challenged by any Tír na nÓg authority, and Lady Brane Deigh has reigned since.

Around 2051 Lady Brane Deigh was involved in a web of plots surrounding the shadowrunner Hart; whom she viewed as her milessaratish, the shadowrunner Twist, and the Catholic Order of Saint Sylvester. In 2056, Lady Deigh and the Seelie Court were approached by Aina for aid against the Horror Ysrthgrathe. Brane Deigh has apparently been (and possibly is still being) advised by Alachia, who has skewed Lady Deigh's view of others somewhat.

As holder of the Arcana Lady Deigh wields great influence in Tír na nÓg, though this influence is more spiritual than political. It has also been said that, though fit to rule and not Alachia's creature, Lady Brane rules at the sufferance of the Elder elves. It has been claimed that Lady Brane Deigh is rich, but whether this is her own wealth, or that of the Seelie Court, is unclear.

Despite her position, Lady Deigh is very young and is far less magically potent than her peers. She makes for this in part by the large number of artifacts and cutting-edge technology the Seelie Court has available, as well as the number of other magicians who make up her court that she may call on. While apparently not powerful enough to use it on her own, Lady Deigh at least has access to or knowledge of the metamagical technique required to summon the Wild Hunt. It is also likely that she is skilled in the magic of illusions that enshrouds the Seelie Court; she possibly has some affinity or ability with the faerie creatures who are also at home in the Seelie Court.

Ehran the Scribe


Male. Ehran the Scribe is above average height for an elf (just over two meters), and above average weight for his height, though his physique is slender. Ehran has blond hair (usually worn short in the Sixth World), a strong, square face (usually clean-shaven); and eyes that are either blue or green. He looks rather older than the average elf, seeming to a human to be in his thirties, which he attests to an "exuberant youth". A small scar exists on his left eyebrow. After his 2050 chal'han with Harlequin, Ehran lost his left ear. Six months later he was seen in public with both ears, so it may be assumed Ehran had the ear surgically reattached.

Little is truly known of the early life of Ehran the Scribe. Harlequin and Ehran both underwent teaching, both in magic and in swordplay, from the same teacher at some point. He is equal (or nearly equal) to Harlequin both in terms of their very athletic fencing style and their near-Hermetic style of magic. Aside from this snippet, nothing is truly known of Ehran until the Sixth World (although at some point, he wronged Harlequin in some way). Sometime during the downcycle, he apparently bound the free spirit known as Ariel.

The Scribe is a writer (he prefers pen and paper, but has horrible penmanship). He uses his own name as well as a number of pen names. He became well known beginning in 2035, and his works include the following books The New Magic: Life After 2001, Metagenes: Future Spiral, the 2043-published Mankind Ascendant (which won a Pulitzer), and its 2050-sequel Mankind Revealed; as well as the following articles/essays: Debunking the Neo-Anarchist Myth: Why Humanity Needs Leadership, Toward A Stable Society, and Latinitis: The Inadequacies of Zoological Taxonomy In the Awakened World. All of Ehran's books are published by Sylvan Information, who has exclusive rights to them and translates them from Ehran's hand-written manuscripts to a hypermedia format. Ehran has also made a number of famous speeches, including the following from a 2051 lecture to the Young Elven Technologists and another made during the Year of the Comet.

"As the last Age of Magic came to a close, the citizens of Atlantis began to disperse from their homeland, carrying their sophisticated technologies and culture to their new homes thoughout the world. Only the magic of its inhabitants protected the isle fromt he forces of Nature, and the Atlanteans knew that as the level of magic in the world dropped, the day would come when their magical protections would fall and Atlantis would sink back into the depths from which it came. That day came on August 12th, 3113 B.C., marking the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth."

It has been conjectured that Ehran first appeared publicly in 2019, masquerading as a human American Indian known as Walter Bright Water of the Cascade Crow tribe to set up favorable conditions for the formation of Tir Tairngire; though this cannot be proven, it is highly suspicious, especially given he "died" in 2030, when such luminaries as Lugh Surehand, Aithne Oakforest and Sean Laverty made their first public appearences; and at roughly the same time Ehran the Scribe appeared as a close advisor to Lugh Surehand. He was a secret member of the Council of Princes until he stepped down in 2062. Ehran has kept careful watch on those of his descendants that might be immortal as he is; and he finally discovered his daughter Jane "Frosty" Foster was one such when she was a little girl. He subsequently arranged for her to fall ill, and transformed her thigh into a focus to protect her.

For some decades after this, he wrote, went on lecture tours throughout North America, and politicked in Tir Tairngire, even underwriting the Young Elven Technologists and the Mistish Farad. In 2050, Ehran was faced with the chal'han of Harlequin, which he failed to counter. Subsequently, Ehran became somewhat more friendly to Harlequin, and was included in Dunkelzahn's review of the Aztlan file.

In 2057, Ehran accepted the position bequeathed him in the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research (which set him at odds with others opposed to the dragon's wishes) and talked with Harlequin about the Wyrm, post mortem. In 2064, he stepped down from his seat on the Tir Tairngire Council of Princes.

Ehran tutored the paladin Cyril Le'Fien for over ten years. In 2064, Le'Fien was elected to the Tir Tairngire Council of Princes following the assassination of Feana Sterling.

Ehran is wealthy, and possesses residences in Seattle, Portland and New York; as well as a ranch and greenhouse in Amazonia (he has developed a love of flowers over the years). He is always impeccably dressed in the latest from the best shops in Spain and Tokyo. Ehran maintains a secretive sanctum known as Althain within Mt. Saint Helens; hidden by sophisticated illusions and guard creatures, powered by a magically controlled geothermal power system and home to his magical laboratories.

Dunkelzahn has described Ehran the Scribe as a powerful wizard (whether this is meant in the Earthdawn sense or not is unknown), second only to Harlequin. Ehran definately possesses the Masking metamagic, and he may possess the Geomancy metamagic as well. His research as of 2050 was trying to ascertain the cause to some magic-related effects (which were, and may still be, considered magically and physically impossible at the time.)


Caimbueul Har'lea'quinn

Male. Golden-brown hair (often died red-brown, and pulled back in a ponytail), his eyes are usually green with gold flecks, but are subject to change. A half-head shorter than Ehran the Scribe (making him average height for an elf), and somewhat lighter in build. In the Sixth World, Harlequin paints his face, which varies from a single diamond over one eye to full whiteface with diamonds over both eyes and a triangle over his mouth. Sometime in the past, Harlequin lost his left ear in a duel with Ehran the Scribe, and wore a prosthetic to cover the loss. It is unknown if he still does.

Caimbueul (sometimes spelled "Caimbuel") Har'lea'quinn is known to have shared the same teacher in swordsmanship and wizardry as Ehran the Scribe; and was both a Swordmaster and Wizard adept during the Age of Legend. Caimbueul was a Knight of the Crimson Spire (later Knight of the Crying Spire) in the City of Spires, Sereatha. After the Scourge, he became the ambassador from Sereatha to the Blood Wood, where his apparent familiarty with Alachia earned him a slew of rumors (especially when his humor at her expense didn't earn him any reprisal)

It was during the Age of Legend that Caimbueul bagan his long-lasting relationship with Aina. Both Caimbueul and Aina retain some feeling for each other, as witnessed when Caimbueul helped free Aina from drinking absinthe. Harlequin began wearing his painted mask in the Sixth World, and has been very busy indeed. In 2050 he successfully completed a chal'han against Ehran the Scribe, which ended when Harlequin took Ehran's ear in recompense for an ear he himself had lost in an earlier duel. He also took on Ehran's daughter, Jane Foster, as his apprentice.

Some time later, he had a little talk with Dunkelzahn. In 2055, Harlequin entered a dark period, bereft of purpose since beating Ehran, until a voice from the past caused him to enact an Astral Quest, retrieving Thayla (and her voice) from the Metaplanes in order to prevent the Enemy from gaining access through the Mana Spike created by the Great Ghost Dance. A short time later, he again had to fend off an invasion, this time in Hawai'i.

Flushed with triumph he descended on Aina in 2056 to share the good news, and became caught up with her in battling the Horror Ysrthgrathe. In 2057 Dunkelzahn's death and the uncovering of a mel'thelem in Aztlan again brought the Spike under attack, and Harlequin was needed to help destroy the Enemy as they crossed the Bridge.

Since then, the Spike point has been neutralized, and Harlequin had a little post mortem conversation with Ehran about Dunkelzahn. Harlequin has been lying low (aside from commenting enigmatically in a number of Shadowland documents.) Harlequin lives with Jane Foster in the Chateau d'If; an historic castle on an isle he owns in France. The elf is fundamentally chaotic, flamboyant, and enigmatic; and everything he does reflects this.

It is rumored that Harlequin is behind the Rinelle te'Kesrae rebellion in Tir Tairngire.

Harlequin is the most powerful metahuman magician on the planet; self-initiated to a double-digit grade in a Hermetic style of magic. He is known to use Masking metamagic.

Jane "Frosty" Foster

Female. Jane "Frosty" Foster is tall and thing, with snow-white hair. It is not obvious at first glance that she is an elf. Frosty is approximately in her late forties.

Jane Foster is the daughter of Ehran the Scribe, though she may still not know this. Following the mysterious and apparently untimely death of her mother, Jane grew up in a series of orphanages around Colombia, Missouri. Sometime as a child, Ehran arranged for Jane to fall ill and transformed her right femur into a special focus to hide her from other magicians while allowing Ehran to trace her.

Until 2050, Jane was making a life for herself working for a small corp in Colombia and hanging out with a go-gang. All that changed when Harlequin kidnapped her to use in his chal'han against her father. Transported to Harlequin, who was staying in Tarislar at the time, Harlequin activated the focus in her thigh to use as a link in a ritual against Ehran...and Ehran's counter-ritual blew up the focus.

It was sometime after this, when firmly apprenticed to Harlequin, that Jane met Dunkelzahn. Jane next came on the scene in 2055, when she accompanied Harlequin on his astral quest to stop the Enemy; and then again in 2057 when she fended off Ryan Mercury and others as they raided the Chateau d'If.

She tends to like one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, especially a platinum ring in the shape of a coiled dragon which she never removes (it's a power focus, she's owned it at least since 2050, and was Dunkelzahn apparently owned it once because he bequeathed it to her in his Will. Frosty is very loyal, very pragmatic, and hates to be surprised.

Jane has studied Hermetic-style magic under Harlequin for at least seven years, becoming rather proficient.

Jenna Ni'Fairra

Female. Jenna Ni'Fairra is of above-average height for an elf, with white-blond hair and green eyes. Supposedly, Jenna looks almost identical to Alachia, aside from her coloring.

Next to nothing is known of Jenna Ni'Fairra's past. Certainly, she is the daughter of Alachia, but beyond that nothing about her is known. She first appeared in 2030, and was one of the founding members of the Council of Princes in Tir Tairngire. In approx. 2055, Jenna became aware of the elven nosferatu Lucifer's plans (and attempted to aid them.) In 2056, she sided with Alachia against Aina's plea for help against Ysrthgrathe. In 2057, she inherited the Book of Leaves (whatever that is) from Dunkelzahn's Will. In approx. 2060, she sent Speren Silverblade to recover an artifact, which happened to be under the care of Talon and his team. In 2064, it was revealed Jenna had ties to the Alexa Group, which helped form the Midnight Thorns and a spy network known as the "Songbirds." Jenna contested the transer of Aithne's seat on the Council of Princes to James Telestrian III, backing her own candidate Feana Sterling instead. Ehran stepped fown from his seat, granting it to Feana, and creating a workable compromise. Sterlings assassination touched off riots. Jenna personally led a brutal suppression of the dissidents.

Jenna Ni'Fairra is blatantly and incredibly racist against anyone or anything that is not an elf, a trait she really does get from her mother. In the Sixth World, she's been learning carromeleg. She maintains a residence near Crater Lake, Tir Tairngire; which holds a picture of what is assumed to be Alachia as the Blood Queen.

By Sixth World standards she is a powerful magician, but it is unknown how she rates against other Immortals.



Male. Leonardo looks like a younger version of Leonardo Da Vinci-flowing grey hair that hides his ears and a beard of the same color.

During the Age of Legend, an eccentric elf named Leonarus lived in a crystal house developing magical theories based on light. In the Sixth World, Leonardo spent over twenty years setting up a high-tech base in the Middle East, from which he invaded the core systems of the Big Eight megacorporations, to blackmail them into funding his Great Work. He partially succeeded in this by obtaining a deal with Renraku.

Leo's technology, traded in bits and pieces to Renraku for the funding he requested, gave Renraku the competitive edge for years and even helped result in the creation of Deus, a contingency which Leo had set up room 1835 in the Renraku Arcology.

In 2057 or so, Lofwyr (a tidbit peeved because Leo had stolen one of his nuclear weapons) destroyed Leo's Middle Eastern base, and supposedly made off with the eccentric elf. Leo may or may not have actually been Leonardo da Vinci, but the elf can certainly pull off the act. Aside from Leo's Great Work, the Passion which drives him; Leo also has a grudge to bear against the Catholic Church.

Leo is a genius, with his particular focus being light and optics. He has developed very impressive powers of magical illusion; and also possesses the Channels of the Otaku. His self-developed light-based technology is levels beyond the bleeding edge of science.

Lugh Surehand

Male. ABove average height for an elf, above average weight for height. Lugh possesses dark red hair with green eyes, and red/brown beard. He also has an old scar cutting across his right shoulder and halfway up the right side of his neck.

Lugh Surehand first appeared in 2030, organizing what would become Tir Tairngire. When the nation announced itself in 2035, Lugh was elected High Prince. Since then, he's been politicking. He also published The Promise, his personal memoirs on founding Tir Tairngire.

In 2047, an assassination attempt on Lugh was foiled by what appeared to be an anchored spell (the Anchoring theorums were not published until 2053, for reference.) In 2056, he propositioned Aina as she sought aid against Ysrthgrathe...but eventually merely called the other Elders together without pressing the issue.

In 2057, Lugh inherited the Torc of Rhiannon (whatever that is) from Dunkelzahn's Will. Since then, Lugh has still been busily politicking. In 2063, he invited Hestaby to fill Lofwyr's vacant seat on the Council of Princes. In 2065, a coup in Tír Tairngire ousted Surehand, who has since been on the run from Ghost commandos.

It is assumed Lugh Surehand is magically talented, and knows at least the Anchoring metamagic.

Sean "The Professor" Laverty

Male. The Professor is of average height for an elf, with slightly above-average weight for his height. His hair is dark red and his eyes are green.

Laverty is known as "The Professor" because of his association with the Xavier Foundation around the turn of the century. The Xavier Foundation was a boarding school/orphanage located in the Pacific Northwest which only accepted elven spike babies (although, naturally, no one knew what a Spike Baby was back then), notably the Dodger (Yes, this is an X-Men homage).

Laverty made his first well-known appearence in 2030, helping set up Tir Tairngire; and was one of the founding members of the Council of Princes. Laverty's connections with the Dodger led to him encountering the runner Twist in 2050, and likewise got the Dodger involved in the mess with Lofwyr, Glasgian Oakforest and Kham the Ork later on. In 2057, Laverty inherited Dunkelzahn's property in Tir Tairngire; a bequest in the dragon's Will.

Sean Laverty is the most anti-technology of the Council of Princes, and the few druids in the Tir are there as his guests and part of his "Green" interests. He maintains a large estate in Portland (which breaches the Portland Wall).

Laverty possesses magical abilities of an unknown degree. It is possible these abilities are druidic in nature.


Male. Urdli is an aborigine elf, with black hair and skin; taller and thinner even than a normal elf. It is possible he is a Mimi elf metavariant.

In approx. 2051, when the Shadowrunner Twist unwittingly released the Spider Totem from it's prison within Uluru; Urdli (AKA Walter Urdli, AKA Wata Urdli) was forced to come to Tir Tairngire in search of him. Urdli stayed with Sean Laverty through crisis, and helped defeat some of Spider's flesh-form minions as they attempted to steal nuclear weapons (his motives were somewhat less than pure, however; Urdli wanted the weapons for himself, though he was foiled.)

Soon thereafter, Urdli, working with Glasgian Oakforest (the two despised each other, but each needed the other's resources) tracked down a nest of dragon eggs in Tir Tairngire. Urdli was still in the Tir as of 2054.

Urdli is a powerful magician, especially with the element of earth. Urdli possesses the ability to pass through solid earth and stone; like the rumored Mimis of Australia, Celedyr and even Earthroot. He is also very skilled at carromeleg. Urdli is the Guardian of the Spirit Cave of Uluru, otherwise known as Imiri ti-Versakhan, and so has access to a host of free spirits and the magical opals that bind them.



Beats me. Best guess is Merlin Ambrosius; although it could be Ehran was actually Ambrose Bierce.

The Big 'D'

Dunkelzahn. We call 'im Dunkie for short.

Bright Light

Best guess? Leonardo (no, not the Ninja Turtle! The elf! the Elf!), especially given the Italian references in Aztlan Another possible candidate is Liam O'Connor, who supposedly wrote "Walking to the Light."



Ehran the Scribe

Eh'her'an. Yeah, that's him.


Jane 'Frosty' Foster, daughter of Ehran the Scribe

Ghost in the Machine

A probable nom de net for Ghostwalker.


Based on the fact that this seems an obvious reference to the Glitterfrost Orchid, an ED artifact formerly in the possession of Ghostwalker, but now believed to have passed from Dunkelzahn to Amazonia, I'm tentatively assigning this to Hualpa, although it could be any Amazonian dragon entrusted with the flower, or even Ghostwalker himself.


Celedyr...though this might be a stab at Lofwyr or Rhonabwy.


High possibility that this is an immortal, known personally by Harlequin, versed in Horrors and blood magic. Current gossip says: Sheila Blatavska, Alachia or Aina. I think Aina fits better than Alachia, personally, but you decide.



Jungle Cat

An in-the-know member of Amazonia...probably some form of shapeshifter, such as a jaguar shapeshifter, drake, or even a dragon that can assume a cat-like form.

Lady of the Court

A moderately young associate/member of Tír na nÓg's Seelie Court. Current speculation says: Lady Brane Deigh.

The Laughing Man

Harlequin. Ha! Fraggin' Ha!


Lofwyr. Really. Who else would claim they were Lofwyr?


A dragon who wished to claim the title after Dunkie died? There were hints that there might be more than any case, probably not Lofwyr. Current bets are on the now deceased Nachtmeister.


Hey! A dragon that uses it's own name! How 'bout that, eh?

This is what Masaru used before he got he shortened it to "Masaru." 's a good change.

Orange Queen

Hestaby. It's a bad pun. Shasta, oranges...yeah, you get it.




Probably Lofwyr.


Schwartzkopf, who is a professor at Charles University.


Celedyr. I haven't figured out what the acronym is, though.


Celedyr again.


"The Watcher" Probably from Azania, possibly a member of the Heavenherds there. "Umsondo" is the color of certain cattle in the area, so Azania is a safe bet.


Ehran the Scribe


Dr. Antonio Vieri

Male Elf, whose services belong to Saeder Krupp. Possibly an alias for Leonardo.


Female Elf, a musician from Tir Tairngire, possibly Lugh Surehand's illegitimate daughter.

Domingo Ramos

Elf, the R in ORO, as in Aztechnology; has four ex-wives, seven mistresses and twenty-odd illegitimate children. Owns maybe 5% of Aztechnology. Has taken a bit of lead in directing Aztechnology with the fall of Oscuro.

Elleara Oakforest

Daughter of Aithne and Mealla Oakforest, age 25 as of 2063.

Glasgian Oakforest

Son of Aithne and Mealla Oakforest. In 2051 or so, Glasgian destroyed a number of dragon eggs under Lofwyr's care, and was punished by the dragon as a result. In 2056, Glasgian propositioned Aina, and became a chew toy for Ysrthgrathe as a result. He disappeared around 2062, current rumor is that Hestaby traded him to Lofwyr as a snack. As of 2063, he would be 33 years old.

Hugh Laverty

Sean Laverty's cousin, twice removed (but he came back!) Owns the Niléstian in Tir Tairngire.

Juan Atzcapotzalco

President of Aztechnology, possibly a construct of some sort. Appears to be a human and possibly as powerful as an Immortal Elf. Possibly the Emperor of the Sun. Inexplicably disappeared after receiving Dunkelzahn's bequest.

Liam O'Connor

Founder of Tír na nÓg, husband of Brane Deigh, vanished in 2043, supposedly to walk his final path.


No, not Ryan Mercury. A mysterious, possibly reincarnated elf. Died at least twice.

Rhiannon Glendower

Beautiful elven Duchess of Snowdonia; rich, powerful and with a heapin' helpin' of orichalcum deposits.


Your guess is as good as mine. One second after midnight, Decmeber 24th, 2011, Saeletra posted a seven word message that became seared in FastJack's memory for all time.

Good morning world. Welcome back. Play nice.

Shiela Blatavska

Founder of the Atlantean Foundation, no history prior to 2012; may actually be a snotty little rich Greek merchant's daughter.

Tealla Oakforest

Daughter of Aithne and Mealla Oakforest; 30 years old as of 2063.

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Dragons A note: this is the last book FASA put together for the Earthdawn line, but FASA closed before it ever saw any actual, physical existence. So they were incredibly kind and put the PDF file of it onto the internet to satisfy al us die-hard ED fans. Living Room games, who currently produce ED under license, have come out with a new, expanded version in hardcopy.
Novel References
The Earthdawn Novels A Note: Please also see the Lost Earthdawn page.

The Longing Ring Mother Speaks
Poisoned Memories
Shroud of Madness
Lost Kaer

The Shadowrun Novels

Never Deal With A Dragon (Secrets of Power Volume I)
Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Secrets of Power Volume II) Find Your Own Truth (Secrets of Power Volume III) 2XS
Never Trust an Elf
Into the Shadows
Streets of Blood
Night's Pawn
Striper Assassin
Lone Wolf
Fade to Black
Burning Bright
Who Hunts the Hunter?
House of the Sun
Worlds Without End A Note: This novel, alternately loved and despised by everyone who's ever read it, was to be the third in the Immortals Trilogy written by Caroline Spector. However, it was published first and was the only book published in the United States or in English. The others, Scars and Little Treasures were published only in Germany and France; although it has been announced that it will be published, in English and in America, in 2005. Please see here for details. Just Compensation
Black Madonna
Preying for Keeps Dead Air
The Lucifer Deck
Steel Rain
Stranger Souls
Clockwork Asylum
Blood Sport
Beyond the Pale
  • Harlequin and Aina pick up their bequests from the Draco Foundation; then are roped in to fighting the Horrors as the cross the Bridge.
  • Harlequin and his apprentice Jane "Frosty" Foster live on the Chateau d'If, which is surrounded by a magical field.
Wolf and Raven
The Terminus Experiment
Run Hard, Die Fast
The Forever Drug
  • Dunkelzahn's Prince Edward Island estate includes a magical device for contacting his circle of contacts
  • Dunkelzahn may have attempted to create a new race of servitors using a special vaccine he developed.
  • Apparently, the Jewel of Memory held by Lofwyr holds...memories. Like, everybody's lsot memories. Maybe.
  • Jenna Ni'Fairra is becoming more skilled in carromeleg.
  • Alamais makes an attack on Lofwyr through a draconic memory crystal; Lofwyr hides out in Talon, who tracks Alamais down just as the wyrm in about to set off a nuke at the Ragnarock festival in Berlin. Together the astral forms of Lofwyr and Talon overcome the astral form of Alamais and stop the nuke.
Tails You Lose
The Burning Time