The Best of Ancient History

Off the Shelf
An unpublished article detailing nine new magic books for your Shadowrun game.
Grey Places
An unpublished article detailing five new magic locations for your Shadowrun game.
The Dead Man's Book
A grim grimoire
The Fellini Manual
Beware the Scarlet Woman
The Mauvais Manual
Awesome and Forbidden Alchemy
Le Fousteu's Pharmacopeia
Herblore and more
The Scroll of Feng
A manual for combat-oriented adepts.
Living Spellbooks
Grimoires that need a bit more attention.
Places of Power
Inclduing Grimberg's Almanack
Magical Twists and Dark Ideas
Outlandish acts and macabre story seeds
The Necromancer
These books are mine, with many more
of evil and dismal lore...

Outlandish Artifacts
Fear the enchanter gone mad.
Hidden Bonus Page
Facility 342
A location for the storage of thaumaturgical waste products
(later addition).
Tsemes, the Lost City, A Portable Setting
An Earthdawn/Shadowrun crossover setting
(later addition).
Lost Things
The laptop has died, long live the new laptop
(later addition).
Off the Grid
The Unpublished Neo-Tokyo Fragment, Adult Content
(later addition).
Rust-Colored Dreams
Rejected book proposals and drafs, chat logs, adventure ideas and short fiction
(later addition).
A Look Inside the Madness
Two more pieces of short fiction and two more proposals that went nowhere
(later addition).
One Last Little Peek, And other broken thoughts
Harlequin's Gambit, Field Guide to Arcanoarcheology and High Magic story and early drafts
(later addition).